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January 20 - January 21, 2018


Weekend Admission $15.00
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Margaret Flewellen - Booth No.211
Natural Good Medicines LLC
Eagle Point, OR
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We are dedicated in providing you the best,

“Natural Alternatives to a Healthy Lifestyle.”

We believe that our natural environment and modern medicines need to work together. We want to provide people with the highest quality natural foods, supplements, stylish eco-friendly clothing, all natural cosmetics, homes built from sustainable hemp materials.

We want people to start asking the question, “What is this product doing to me?” as well as, “What is this product doing for me?”

The companies we are working with are honest people who believe like we do, that we need to get back to nature and work together as a community. I’m talking about eating for your health, using more eco-friendly materials made out of hemp, flax, bamboo, and organic cottons for our clothing, curtain, and upholstery.

We will provide information through articles, videos, and blogs from reliable sources on subjects such as; what new super food has popped up, the profitability and sustainability of local farming, what’s wrong with our environment and how can we help fix the problem, gardening tips, home remedies, and recipe ideas for particular ailments.