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July 29 - July 30, 2017


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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Jeff Toole

Absolutely Chronic Delivery Company

Booth Number - 410

Kyle Denton

Ak Frost

Booth Number - 313

Jill Williams

AK Smoke & Vape

Booth Number - 315

Your Local Smoke & Vape Shop since 1984!

Romey Cohen

Alaska Farm and Garden

Booth Number - 411


Alaska Good Light

Booth Number - 500

GET THAT ZING! You spend six months growing that beautiful crop, the size is good, the trichomes standing tall with their helmets on, and the expectations are high. But does this stuff hit your customers and friends hard between the eyes, get their hearts pounding and make them come back for more? Or does your grow lack that essential ingredient, the buzz. For years, now there are plenty of grow systems and schemes that will give you a nice looking crop. Then it hits you, it's home-grown. It can

Jack Maxwell

Alaska Jack's

Booth Number - 303

Cary Carrigan

Alaska Marijuana Industry Assoc

Booth Number - 101

Promoting and supporting a responsible Alaska-based marijuana industry.

Mike Feil

Alaska T-Shirt

Booth Number - 414

Jenna Germer

Anchorage Cannabis Business Assn.

Booth Number - 208

Connecting you to the Cannabis Industry

Floyd Russell

Bayshore Smokin' Glass

Booth Number - 209

Floyd Russell

Bayshore Smokin' Glass

Booth Number - 213

Darren MacFarlane

Bridgewell Resources

Booth Number - 201

Bulk Suppliers of Fertilizers, Minerals, and Soil Amendments

Mark Malagodi


Booth Number - 309

Kelly Dillard

Castle Megastore

Booth Number - 200

Romance, Fun, & Fantasy.

Caitlyn Drybrough

Centurion Pro Elite Trimming

Booth Number - 304

Cannabis Trimming Solution

Lily Bosshart


Booth Number - 301

Yeah...its pretty dope!

Justin Roland

Einstein Labs

Booth Number - 311

Einstein Labs Licensed Manufacturer

Jane Stinson

Enlighten Alaska

Booth Number - 205

Steve Brashear

Great Northern Cannabis

Booth Number - 100

Great Northern Cannabis

Leif Abel

Greatland Ganja

Booth Number - 405

Cannabis Cultivators

Keoni Gutierrez

GreenBroz, Inc.

Booth Number - 401

GreenBroz - Automated Harvesting Solutions!

Jim Dyer

JKD Brands

Booth Number - 207

Containers, Packaging, Labeling, and Accessories

Jim Dyer

JKD Brands

Booth Number - 306

Containers, Packaging, Labeling, and Accessories

Steven Lewis

My Urban Greenhouse

Booth Number - 215

Steven Lewis

My Urban Greenhouse

Booth Number - 217

Wes Abney

Northwest Leaf

Booth Number - 203

Northwest Leaf - The Patient's Voice

Dollynda Phelps

Peace Frog Botanicals

Booth Number - 307

Peace Frog Botanicals display

Robert Baker

Phillips Scales

Booth Number - 102

Commercial scales.

Roger Boyd

Red Run Cannabis Company

Booth Number - 310

Lori Brandt

Releaf Alaska

Booth Number - 501

Medical Marijuana Evaluation Doctors

Lori Brandt

Releaf Alaska

Booth Number - 502

Medical Marijuana Evaluation Doctors

Tyler Criss

Booth Number - 104

Genetics, Seeds, Cannabis Cups

Breana gagnon

smokin deals too

Booth Number - 400

Breana gagnon

smokin deals too

Booth Number - 402

Brian Coyle

Steep Hill Alaska

Booth Number - 103

Cannabis Testing Laboratory

Lorna Brotherwood

The Rabbit Hole

Booth Number - 407

Come see what's down the Rabbit Hole!

Maggie Hegarty

Vote Hemp / Irie CBD

Booth Number - 404

Get Involved Today!

Jenna Bartell

West Coast Distributors

Booth Number - 300

responsible lifestyle & paraphernalia products

Chris White

Xact Xtract / Cubix

Booth Number - 406

Manufacturers of XactXtract Liquid CO2 Extraction units and Cubix true aeroponics vertical grow systems.