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August 19 - August 20, 2017


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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Tori Wright

2 Dye 4 Creations

Booth Number - 111

Medical Cannabis Products

Eric Cipes

420 T-Shirt Collection

Booth Number - 100

Designing dope-ass T-Shirts for the Higher Fashion Club.


541Water Inc. Quality Water Systems

Booth Number - 12

Complete Ag Water Systems

Roach Mclanahan

Applegate Soils

Booth Number - 411

Locally Blended Soils & Hydroponics

Sean Coker - Founder of Beneficial Biologics

Beneficial Biologics

Booth Number - 106

Inoculate your soil with beneficial microbes!

Derek M

Best Bud Bags

Booth Number - 104

Custom Packaging and Design

James Filiaggi

BHOgart Extractors

Booth Number - 210

Closed Loop Extraction Everything



Booth Number - 502

Soils and Landscape Materials

Edgar Winters

Botanical Genetics

Booth Number - 207

Cheryl Appel

Carnevale Confections

Booth Number - 701

CBD's Chocolates and Topicals

Kelly Dillard

Castle Megastore

Booth Number - 800

Romance, Fun, & Fantasy.

Chris Peltier/Ryan Herrera

Central Pt Materials-Pacific Grow

Booth Number - 802

Clean Green Certified Soil

Caitlyn Drybrough

Centurion Pro Elite Trimming

Booth Number - 303

Cannabis Trimming Solution

Dave Chappelle

Chappelle Enterprises

Booth Number - 201

we will have displayed security HD surveillance cameras, and systems.

Tessa Burrow

Clean Clippers

Booth Number - 500

CLEAN CLIPPERS - Cannabis Trimming Professionals

Kim Cross

Clifton Cannabis Law

Booth Number - 200

Legal Expertise for the Cannabis Industry Serving Oregon. + Shamrock Hemp Farms

Clone Oregon + Shamrock Hemp Farms

Booth Number - 501

BULK Feminized Hemp CBD clones, Full Field Planting Services, Extraction/Distillation

Julia Hosack

Creative Color Works

Booth Number - 711

I love to make things to help others be creative whether it be upcycled book journals for writing and drawing or ergonomic style crochet hooks to make crochet more comfortable. I also love to share other interests including polymer clay and crochet. As well as my unique line of pipes, bubblers and pipe cleaners.

Caleb Salstrom

CSI: Humboldt

Booth Number - 700

A collection of heirloom crosses

Carrie Boltz

Diamond Cannabis

Booth Number - 403

Chuck Burkett

Earth Pots

Booth Number - 7

The Original Fabric Pot!

Kyle Krenzer

Elevation Organics

Booth Number - 103

Organic Soils & Fertilizers


Emerald Triangle Dispensary

Booth Number - 109

Rick Gilliland

Empower Clinics

Booth Number - 510

Truthfully Educating the Public



Booth Number - 9

This is the default booth short description

Jason Stier


Booth Number - 211

Dan Knapp

Friendly Farms

Booth Number - 900

Solvent Free Extractions

Erik Recors

Fullbloom Light Deprivation

Booth Number - 503

Hydroponic Systems & Grow Kits

Chris Walker


Booth Number - 302

Joe Pietri

Gold Crown Seeds

Booth Number - 505

Ruth Grace

Booth Number - 913

Mike Graddy

Graddy's Equipment

Booth Number - 803

Helping you get the right equipment at the right time and the right price.

Mike Graddy

Graddy's Equipment

Booth Number - 804

Helping you get the right equipment at the right time and the right price.

Ron and Dan

Great Western Secure Space Solution

Booth Number - 2

Bob Posthuma

Greater Earth Organics

Booth Number - 205

GEOTEA Compost Tea Machines

Kevin Spelman, PhD, MCPP

Green Earth Medicine

Booth Number - 101

Green Earth Medicine CBD & OMMP Clinics. We are here to answer your questions, schedule OMMP appointments and sell the best CBD products on the market.

Keoni Gutierrez

GreenBroz, Inc.

Booth Number - 504

GreenBroz - Automated Harvesting Solutions!

Steven Greven

Greven Manufacturing

Booth Number - 309

Mike Brady

Grown Rogue

Booth Number - 208

Premier Northwest Cannabis Company

Matt Nelson

Helpful Harvest

Booth Number - 912

Paula McGuigan

Home Spray Foam & Insulation

Booth Number - 409

Spray Foam Insulation

Andrew Schell - Director of Research and Development

House & Garden / Humboldt Wholesale

Booth Number - 202

House and Garden Nutrients


House of Leaves

Booth Number - 14

Medical & Recreational Dispensary in Ashland

John Waltermeyer

I.V. Lions Club

Booth Number - 11

Lions Club Motorcycle Raffle

Jeff Fiegi

In & Out Gardens

Booth Number - 706

Very Large Hydroponics Store

Melissa Thompson

Jamberry Nails

Booth Number - 708

Hand care and nail art

Jennifer Cannabis

JC Cannabis Art

Booth Number - 301

JC Cannabis Art

Natalie Sustaire

Jefferson Packing House

Booth Number - 608

Our mission is to support quality of life experience for producers by centralizing the infrastructure.

Allyson Coulter


Booth Number - 703

Sharing the life-changing benefits of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD)

KBE Central Point

KBE Central Point

Booth Number - 10

Serving All Farmers' Equipment Needs

Brent Kenyon

Kenyon & Associates

Booth Number - 308

Jessica Hope Prince Kroll

Lady J Arts

Booth Number - 601

Handcrafted Jewelry

Bill Lambert

Lam-Air Heating & Cooling

Booth Number - 311

Andrew Kramer

Left Coast Garden Wholesale

Booth Number - 107

The highest quality, innovative hydroponic products on the market!



Booth Number - 901

water modification technology

Margaret Flewellen

Natural Good Medicines LLC

Booth Number - 206

Products Made From Sustainable Hemp Materials

Melody Kiger

Nerd Girl Neat Stuff

Booth Number - 710

Joseph Bailey

New Era CPAs, LLP

Booth Number - 999

Wes Abney

Northwest Leaf

Booth Number - 300

Northwest Leaf - The Patient's Voice


NPK Industries

Booth Number - 707

Bethany Johnston

Boundless Technology/NuHarvest Farms

Booth Number - 915

Boundless Technology Aromatherapy Vaporizers/Nuharvest Farms

Bethany Johnston

NuHarvest Farms/Boundless Technology

Booth Number - 916

Boundless Technology Aromatherapy Vaporizers / NuHarvest Farms

Robert Gonzalez

Oregon Cargo Containers Inc.

Booth Number - 507

Secure Storage Solutions

Charmaine Tripp

Oregon Child Development Coalition

Booth Number - 702

Roberts, James

Oregon Raindrop LLC

Booth Number - 511

Oregon Raindrop LLC, Pipes

Stephanie Castillo

Pacific Metal Buildings

Booth Number - 110

Randal Barrett


Booth Number - 405

The PerfectPipe


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 3

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 4

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 5

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 6

Smoking Accessories

Samantha Chin


Booth Number - 709

Where to Buy, Where to Stay, What to Do

Kelly Rossberg

Quiver Fabrications

Booth Number - 401

The newest name in high end smoking accessories

Ginger Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft Escentials

Booth Number - 306

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oil

Rick Maugh

Rick's Monster Grow

Booth Number - 116

Grow Monster Size Plants!

Diana Calvert

River City Dispensary

Booth Number - 410

Justin Botillier

Rogue Tax Professionals

Booth Number - 604

Jade Daniels

Rogue Valley Cannabis Dispensary

Booth Number - 105

Blake Helmken

Rogue Valley Messenger

Booth Number - 408

Brent Kenyon

S. Oregon Alternative Medicine

Booth Number - 310

Come visit our clinic!

Heather Bakner

Sacred Spaces Healing Arts

Booth Number - 610

Therapeutic Chair Massage

Tyler Criss

Booth Number - 611

Genetics, Seeds, Cannabis Cups

Sensi Sci

Sensi Sci

Booth Number - 914

Premium Natural & Organic Water Only Soil

Kathy Riker

Seven Spirits Trading Company

Booth Number - 406

Steve Taylor

Smart Grow Technologies LED Lighting

Booth Number - 402

LED Lighting & The Vertical Revolution!

Tiani Salcedo


Booth Number - 801

Make a Statement & Help Save the Earth One-of-a-Kind "HEMP" Items Custom and More!

Chris Mathews

Solsgreen Farms

Booth Number - 404

Thomas Boruff

SOS Alarm

Booth Number - 15

Helping Protect Southern Oregon Since 1968

Jerry Sibert

Southern Oregon Greenhouses

Booth Number - 705

Grow Your Future

Brenda Thomas

Southern Oregon Patient Awareness

Booth Number - 115