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September 16 - September 17, 2017

Las Vegas

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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Eric Henry

Ancient Earth Designs

Booth Number - 204

Hardwood water pipes

Sean Coker - Founder of Beneficial Biologics

Beneficial Biologics

Booth Number - 213

Inoculate your soil with beneficial microbes!

Mikel Alvarez

Blüm - Las Vegas

Booth Number - 108

Brad O'Loughlin

Bormat USA

Booth Number - 214

Hoop Houses Water Tanks

Edgar Winters

Botanical Genetics

Booth Number - 219

Cheryl Appel

Carnevale Confections

Booth Number - 107

CBD's Chocolates and Topicals

Kevin Simmons

Coboo Creations

Booth Number - 109

handmade ceramic and wood pipes

Michelle Tolbert


Booth Number - 208

Essential Oils for Wellness

Bob Welsch

EZ GROW SYSTEMS-Canna Warehouse

Booth Number - 121

Jason Stier


Booth Number - 201

Jason Stier


Booth Number - 203

Megan Graham

GEMM Farms

Booth Number - 101

Industrial Hemp CBD Products

Joe Pietri

Gold Crown Seeds

Booth Number - 104

Marvin McCarthy

Green Earth Solutions

Booth Number - 113

We distribute and manufacture specific products that we believe are the most effective, least environmentally damaging and provide the best opportunity to create healthy plants that require fewer treatments or are more resilient to the harmful influences of the biotic and abiotic environment.

Brian Thompson

Grow Generation

Booth Number - 9

Andrew Schell - Director of Research and Development

House & Garden / Humboldt Wholesale

Booth Number - 6

House and Garden Nutrients

Allyson Coulter


Booth Number - 11

Sharing the life-changing benefits of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD)

Karen Sprague

Karen Sprague Essentials

Booth Number - 209

Lyndon Bradshaw

LARO Farms Inc

Booth Number - 5


Dan Schmidt & Ryan Drake

Med 7 CBD

Booth Number - 200

Med7™ Hemp CBD Oil



Booth Number - 117

water modification technology

Margaret Flewellen

Natural Good Medicines LLC

Booth Number - 217

Products Made From Sustainable Hemp Materials

Wes Abney

Northwest Leaf

Booth Number - 103

Northwest Leaf - The Patient's Voice

Ken Lewis

Pain B-Gone

Booth Number - 205

Craig Whiting

Pain Release Therapy

Booth Number - 111

Nicholas T. / Brian W.


Booth Number - 7

Nicholas T. / Brian W.


Booth Number - 106

Randal Barrett


Booth Number - 211

The PerfectPipe


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 900

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 901

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 902

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 903

Smoking Accessories


PITG Worldwide

Booth Number - 904

Smoking Accessories


Plenty 420

Booth Number - 110

Glass & Novelty Gifts

Samantha Chin


Booth Number - 10

Where to Buy, Where to Stay, What to Do

Matthias K Crandall

PSICO2 Extraction Systems

Booth Number - 116

PSICO2 Extraction systems

Justin Botillier

Rogue Tax Professionals

Booth Number - 215

Speedee Trim Inc.

Speedee Trim Inc.

Booth Number - 212

Precision Hand Trimming Tools

Tarik Naccasha

Tarik Rosin Extraction

Booth Number - 15

Jeffrey Peterson

The 420 Comic

Booth Number - 216

Publisher/Artists/Writer for Cali Chronic Comix

Michael Meade

Triad Aer

Booth Number - 206

Greg Forkash

Trim Butler

Booth Number - 8

Jeff Laeger

Trim Bros

Booth Number - 112

Wet/Dry Trimmer Experts

Jeff Laeger

Trim Bros

Booth Number - 114

Wet/Dry Trimmer Experts

Ben McCord


Booth Number - 207

Trimbag Dry Trimmer

Gadi Marantz

Ultimate Comfort

Booth Number - 105

State of the art Electronic Acupuncture EMS/TENS devices.

Jennifer Solas


Booth Number - 13

We sell novelties in the community as a way to support our outreach and educational non-profit purpose.