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January 20 - January 21, 2018


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Exhibitors List
Exhibitors List
Jake Kenfield

Siskiyou Honeybees

Booth Number - 308

Peter and Cielo Bradshaw

Skie Dreams

Booth Number - 500

Skie Dreams CBD


Smoke On The Water Campground

Booth Number - 611

Paula Ortiz

Smokin Deals

Booth Number - 5

Southern Oregon’s premier smoke shops now with five locations!

Autumn Burton

Smokin Tees

Booth Number - 509

Dr. Thambiah Sundaram

SNS BioSystems Inc.

Booth Number - 116

Kenny Schurpf

Soil Tec

Booth Number - 507

Thomas Boruff

SOS Alarm

Booth Number - 1

Helping Protect Southern Oregon Since 1968

Speedee Trim Inc.

Speedee Trim Inc.

Booth Number - 311

Precision Hand Trimming Tools

Andy Eggleston

Starfish Designs

Booth Number - 305

Hand Crafted Glass

Ron Zeltvay

Summit Structures of Oregon

Booth Number - 4

Custom Sheds and Garages

Sun God Medicinals

Sun God Medicinals

Booth Number - 504

Bioregional Herbal Compounding Company

Robert Pardee

Terpene Fresh

Booth Number - 104

High-Barrier Film with modified atmosphere packaging. Machines reducing O2 levels to preserve cannabinoids. Full-service flexible film packing.

THC Fair

Booth Number - 14

Lindsey Gray

The Heat Pump Store

Booth Number - 506

Ductless Heat Pump Experts

Kat Prince

The Herbal Gerbil

Booth Number - 400

Artisan Crafted Herbal Pain Relief, Skin Care & 1st Aid Products, and Home Herb Processing Equipment.

TJ Arnovick

The Original Resinator

Booth Number - 916

The Original Resinator

Randal Barrett


Booth Number - 505

The PerfectPipe


The Soil Connection

Booth Number - 904

Jesse Martin/Jenna Aluyon

The SoOregon Express

Booth Number - 708

Hand out flyers for Private For Hire trimmer/harvester/worker shuttle to work sites.

Greg Forkash

Trim Butler

Booth Number - 306

Greg Forkash

Trim Butler

Booth Number - 8

Jeff Laeger

Trim Workz

Booth Number - 3

Wet/Dry Trimmer Experts

Ben McCord


Booth Number - 700

Trimbag Dry Trimmer



Booth Number - 200

TRIMCAMP® Oregon's Mobile Trimming Service

JC Costello

Trippy Hippie Smoke Shop

Booth Number - 603

Craig Allen

True Plant Science

Booth Number - 404

Ron Tollenaar

Tuff Shed

Booth Number - 915

Leading supplier of Storage Buildings

Gadi Marantz

Ultimate Comfort

Booth Number - 405

State of the art Electronic Acupuncture EMS/TENS devices.

Barry Schraeder

Ultra Trimmer

Booth Number - 913

Barry Schraeder

Ultra Trimmer

Booth Number - 11

Vick VanSickle

Vic's Stix

Booth Number - 903

Jeremy Blau

Vital Earth's Products

Booth Number - 410

Organic Soil Building Ingredients

Randy Jarvis

Web Steel Buildings Northwest, LLC

Booth Number - 206

Pre-engineered Metal Building Manufacturer

Jeremy Hayes

Wicked Flower Shoppe

Booth Number - 6

Claudia Hooks

Wicked Goodness Oregon

Booth Number - 103

Cannabis-free gourmet munchables!