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January 20 - January 21, 2018


Weekend Admission $15.00
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Jason Miller LAc, MAcOM - Booth No.301
Green Earth Medicinals
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 3:00 pm
Green Stage
CBD and Cannabis Medicine - What Do We Know?

Exploring the role of CBD Rich Cannabis Extract in Health and Medicine.

Jason Miller is a licensed acupuncturist with a masters degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine. Jason regularly lectures at medical conferences across the US, and writes for several publications. For the past 12 years Jason has been deeply involved in the collaborative management of patients with cancer and chronic disease. With a focus on collaborative oncology, cannabis has become an essential part of modern medical practice, as many patients seek information about how to use cannabis for their condition. This lecture will delve into the CBD as a key agent in modern medicine, and will provide an overview of CBD rich cannabis extract from preparations and formulas to medical applications.