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January 20 - January 21, 2018


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Willie Ziebell - Booth No.506
The Heat Pump Store
DAY: Sunday
TIME: 3:30 pm
Purple Stage
Going Ductless

Willie has worked in the HVAC industry since 1978. He was a Service Tech in Silicon Valley fixing large systems on fabrication plants and office buildings. After moving to Oregon in 1991, he started selling forced air equipment for residential and commercial projects. The Ductless Heat Pumps came of age starting in 2008 with the invention of the inverted based compressors; this technology change has pushed the ductless heat pump into the most efficient type of equipment, and can offer huge energy savings.

Ductless heat pumps work very well with indoor grow rooms, and allow for big electrical savings, better control, and more redundancy, which adds much more protection and safety for growers. The Heat Pump Store is an industry leader in this technology, and we are proud to have served the Indoor Organic Farming Industry since 2008. The Heat Pump Store has installed over 10,000 ductless mini-splits from our early beginnings, and look forward to continue “Growing” with the Hemp & Cannabis industry.